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Dec 08, 2009 at 10:46 PM

Email format change for Service Level Reports


Is there a way to change the email format that is sent out on an SAP system from sending in HTM format to either PDF or Word documents?

We recently ran into an issue where our SLR's that are mailed out are being blocked becuase of the number of attachments that are generated. Large numbers of attachments can be interpreted by some virus scanning systems as a DOS attack so some mailers have limits set on the number of acceptable attachments. Our local limit is set to 50 attachments. Since each attachment has to be scanned by the anti-virus application then raising the limit for all incoming messages could impact performance. If the format of the report that is emailed out could be converted automatically to a PDF or Word document and sent as a single attachment that would make thisgs much better.

If it is possible to change the format of the report that is sent out to PDF or Word then some pointers would be appreciated.


Jim Moore

Purdue University

Basis Admin