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Dec 08, 2009 at 09:38 PM

Screens missing elements when navigated to directly via URL


Hi all,

I am having some problems in the portal. I am going to describe one of them in detail as they are likely all caused by the same issue. I hope someone can help!

If I navigate to the Address screen through the portal (meaning I start at the Welcome page, click Employee Self-Service, click Personal Information, and then Click on Address), the Address screen comes up as I expect it to. There are three buttons at the bottom, "Previous Step", "New Emergency Address", and "Exit".

If I navigate to the Address screen by entering the URL directly, The "Exit" button does not appear.

I have tried making the URL in two formats:

1) Short URL: http://<server>:<port>irj/portal?NavigationTarget=navurl://<navurl>

2) Full URL: https://<server>:<port>/irj/portal?NavigationTarget=ROLES://portal_content/

In each of these formats I tried using the short URL (1) or the PCD (2) for the iView, Page and Portal Role for the Address screen. So that's 6 URLs I tried:

1) Short URL - pointing to iView

2) Short URL - pointing to Page

3) Short URL - pointing to Role

4) Full URL - pointing to iView

5) Full URL - pointing to Page

6) Full URL - pointing to Role

In all these cases, the exit button does not show up. It only shows up when I navigate to it from the links on the portal screen. Any Ideas?