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Dec 08, 2009 at 04:46 PM

Workflow Modularization and Performance


One of the great benefits of workflow system is the flexibility to develop reuseable, integrated processes. In a recent discussion with a SAP representative he mentioned that when developing a workflow it is important to be mindful of the resources utilized when calling a sub-workflow.

I would like to get some input from anyone who has recommendations on when to draw the line on modularization. For example, if you have multiple basic processes that are used repeatedly is it best practice to develop generic flexible sub-workflows that may be reutilzed in many situation or is it best to simply redevelop the process in each calling workflow to avoid the resources required to generate new workflow containers, bindings, etc.

Is there a general rule of thumb as to where to draw the line with modularization? When does the use of multiple worfklow calls begin to impact the system performance to a point that negates the gains from less development effort? Any opinions here would be appreciated.


Nick D