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Dec 08, 2009 at 03:52 PM

Creating a new version of my Software Component in SLD



I have a software component (let us say XYZ version 1.0) that I have created a year ago. There have been about 10 custom DCs created in this SC. The track for this SC is let us say Track A.

Now, I would like to create a new version of my Software Component (for versioning purposes only - and not any upgrade involved here).

Based on the following weblog:

[How to Migrate Developed SCs to a new release in NWDI|;jsessionid=(J2EE3417200)ID0104068250DB10732545694190834733End?blog=/pub/wlg/5834]

I will create:

- a new SC with the same name (XYZ version 2.0) is created in SLD

- a new track (let us say Track B) is created in CMS

- a transport connection is defined between Track A and Track B

I have a few questions about Step 6 in the blog "Transport all sources from your old track to the new track. "

My questions here are:

1. Would the DCs in SC XYZ version 1.0 would be available in SC XYZ version 2.0 after this setup (for checkout and edit) ?

2. When we create a transport connection between Track A and Track B, the SC XYZ version 1.0 would be propogated to the new track. So within Track B, how do we do the "Add Software Component" part ? Do we add the SC XYZ 2.0 or both ?

3. Do we need to define any dependencies between SC XYZ version 1.0 and SC XYZ version 2.0 within SLD

4. I believe the track connection can be deleted, once the sources in Track A are available in Track B. (Because in our case the development would only be done in the new track from now on. The old track is only for version reference purposes) Please suggest.

I have an understanding about the versioning of the SCAs in the CMS Archives folder after Assembly step. But we would like to create a separate SC version within SLD and do it in the above manner.

I also understand the concept of Development Track and Maintenance Track and creating appropriate connections between them if needed.

I am little confused around the Software Component Versioning part here.

Please throw some light in this area. I would like to know how this approach would work before going ahead and doing it.

Thanks for reading ....

(NWDI version is NWDI 7.0 SP 18)

Thank You,