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Values is not passed to calculated view using composite provider


I have created a Calculated View with a parameter like this:


The parameter isn’t mandatory

I have checked the hana view and runs correctly:

I have created a Composite Provider with source the hana view previuos:


When i try to execute the Composite Provider to get the data, i don’t get any record (the paramter is not passed to the calculated view).

I have create a bex query with the parámeter as input value with a bex variable and i don`t get any data.


and with RSRT transacction i don't get records

I have chage the parameter to mandatory, when i try to execute the bex query or the composite, i get this error:

Becasuse the parameter is not passed to the Calculated View.

Kind regards

d1.png (133.8 kB)
d2.png (150.7 kB)
d3.png (74.2 kB)
d4.png (130.3 kB)
d5.png (125.8 kB)
d6.png (178.1 kB)
d7.png (46.9 kB)
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3 Answers

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    Nov 20, 2018 at 07:58 AM


    Finally, I has been solved the problem executing the step #12 of RS_BW_POST_MIGRATION ABAP report.


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  • Nov 09, 2018 at 02:23 AM

    Hello Javier,

    Could you check Note 2470783 and 2550684?

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    • Hello Giselle.

      The note 2470783 is about SAPK-75009INSAPBW, i have this SP and the other (2550684) is about SAPK-75011INSAPBW.

      I will check with my system administrator to upgrade the system to this level package.

      Kind regards.

  • Nov 14, 2018 at 06:37 AM

    Hello Gonzalez,

    a) When you make the input parameter mandatory, this input parameter has to be mapped as a target field in the composite provider. You can see the input parameter in the source field list in the composite provider list. Map this input parameter to an Infoobject and You will have to create a variable for this infoobject and pass the value to get the desired BEx output.

    b) Do not use an input parameter in the hana view. The bex variable directly should be able to filter the data at Bex level. The issue with this method is that there will not be any filters at Hana view level. View will bring the entire data and BEx will filter based on the variable passed. So you can expect delay if your hana view is on a huge table.

    c) There is also another indirect solution using ABAP tables as an input parameter. You need a customer exit BW variable to update the input value that you are giving to an abap table. The input parameter read this from the abap table and passed it to the hana view



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    • Hello.

      I have updated the system but the error hasn't been solved.

      About your points.

      A) This is the solution implemented.

      B) Yes, i epect a huge table and the results of the hana view is depending of the parámeters

      C) I will study this case if i don't find any other solution.

      Kind regards.