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Dec 07, 2009 at 10:19 PM

NWDI Build Problems / CBS Error Analysis



I'm trying to track down the source of my difficulties to compile a self-services DC. In the DTR perspective, NWDS is unable to sync archives for used DCs. The obvious error is that the DCs are not deployed in the CMS/CBS systems. However, the web-interface for the CMS shows required SCs deployed in the Dev and Con tabs. The web-interface for the CBS shows the requisite buildspaces and compartments with zero broken or dirty DCs.

The reference guide of the NWDI mentioned a CBS Command Line Tool. There is a value called u201Coutputlocku201D which restricts the downloading of archives from the CBS. I have explicitly turned off that value. While using the cbstool_nw.bat included with NWDS the following behavior is encountered:

1.) connect works as expected

2.) listbuildspaces lists the expected buildspaces (for instance: SLP_XSSMOD_D)

3.) listcompartments (listcompartments -b SLP_XSSMOD_D) encounters a strange error

Error while accessing build space u2018SLP_XSSMOD_Du2019
Build Server request failed without CBS specific error code. HTTP status: 500 (Internal Server Error)

Could this be indicative of the root problem? The CBS appears to be moderately working; if I input an invalid buildspace, then an error is encountered (as expected):

Error while accessing build space u2018abc123u2019
CBS Server Error: The build space is not known on the server (internal code: BS_UNKNOWN)

Any advice is greatly appreciated. Please let me know what other information is pertinent.

Thank you,