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Dec 07, 2009 at 10:09 PM

High Availability (HA) questions


Hi Gurus,

First of all not sure is it a right forum to post this thread. But if anybody has any idea which forum, then I will do that again.

But here is my scenarios and questions. Currently I am doing High Availability (HA) implementation using PowerHA & MSCS for SAp and NON-SAP environment. Using Oracle 10g possible datguard (still test is going how feasible is this), AIX 6.1 and Windows server. As per SAP docs, there are 3 categories for HA Testing.

1. Before Failover u2013 Before Failing over to Passive Node

2. After Failover u2013 After Failing over to Passive Node

3. After Failback u2013 After Failing back to Active Node

So I prepared my test plan for the said above categories for the system ECC, SRM, SCM, SCM-TM, SCM-Optimizer, BI, PI, EP MDM etc..

Question(s) is/are:

1. When switchover(or failover) from active to passive or when switchback(or failback) from passive to active, what transaction or command need to run to check all process or system is good. I mean initially I thought SGEN to run to do that. I am not sure SGEN is right one or not. If anybody has any idea, would be great. Although I am checking system consistency, ERS for any lock, message server, gateway etc. Other than that I mean while switchover suppose something running internally and do not know and did switchover. Then how will make sure nothing happened.

2. What are the high availability functionality test for F5 Big-IP loadbalancer?

3. What are the high availability functionality test plan for End-to-End process?

4. What are the high availability test plan for VMWARE and WINDOWS environment?

There are lots of questions, but the said above are initial to start and move on with HA.

Thanks for effort and time.