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Dec 07, 2009 at 09:45 PM

Rebates - Final Settlement - Currency Conversion issue


Dear All.

We're having an issue during final settlement for some of our rebates. Some rebates are set up for customers which are under foreign (local) currency.

We set the recipient up with the local currency, the rebate conditions in the local currency, and the sales documents through billing are processed in the local currency. Even the accruals are in the local currency. I can check the rebate verification level, and the amounts look fine.

Then we run final settlement.

The B1 document is created. The B1 shows the local currency, but the condition rate currency is USD instead of the local currency. The value is converted to the foreign (local) currency, but at the current conversion rate.

So the accrued local currency value is almost never completely reversed out.

What to do?

The currency conversion fluctuates throughout the lifetime of the rebate agreement. So possibly each billing document is processed at a different conversion.

Is it possible for the settlement document(B1) condition rate to only be created in the local currency so the conversion need not occur?

Other thoughts?

Possibly we've missed something? I was thinking that this probably isn't that rare of an issue, but I didn't find anything on OSS or in the forums.

Many Thanks!