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Dec 07, 2009 at 02:44 PM

Local Client Copy Error : Completed w. Dictionary Errors



I have performed local client copy in the ECC 6.0 system.I mean SAP Netweaver 7.0 EHP1.I have selected source system 100 and target system 200 and profile is SAP_CUST with my User ID in 200 client having SAP_ALL,SAP_NEW.In the SCC3 throws error i,.e, Completed w. Dictionary Errors.The client 200 is newly created in the system.

Target Client 200

Source Client 100

Copy Type Local Copy

Profile SAP_CUST

Status Completed w. Dictionary Errors

User I998769

Start on 06.12.2009 / 12:47:59

Last Entry on 06.12.2009 / 14:00:12

Statistics for this Run

- No. of Tables 56872 of 58391

- Deleted Lines 5705995

- Copied Lines 5770444

Warnings and Errors

Table Name Component Package

A001 SD-MD-CM DDIC Error (See SE14)

A004 SD-MD-CM DDIC Error (See SE14)

A005 SD-MD-CM DDIC Error (See SE14)

A006 SD-MD-CM DDIC Error (See SE14)

A007 SD-MD-CM DDIC Error (See SE14)

A009 SD-MD-CM DDIC Error (See SE14)

A010 SD-MD-CM DDIC Error (See SE14)

A012 SD-MD-CM DDIC Error (See SE14)

A015 SD-MD-CM DDIC Error (See SE14)

Nearly about 1520 tables are not copied from the source client and there is no dumps for that.Please,find below for the file log information which is highlighted in red color in log.

Start of post-processing by application exits 13:57:48

Automatic postprocessing of client 200 was incorrect -> long text

Post-processing required for FINB_TR_CC_EXIT_TARGET

Validation/substitution: Programs should be regenerated

Selected tables : 58.391

Copied data in kBytes : 2.933.491

Deleted data in kBytes : 2.845.416

Program ended with error or warning, return code: W

Runtime (seconds) : 4.333

End of processing: 14:00:12

Kindly,help me how to resolve the issue and provide relavent notes which is applicable to my error as per the SAP release.