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Dec 07, 2009 at 12:21 PM

Automatic mail notification



My system is configured for sending automatic mail when user takes message in processing. For example, key user created message. Processor whatches this message in CRM_DNO_MONITOR, when he performed all nessary activities and push 'Save' button all conditions are starting (user, support team and responsible person get notifications about message status)

Only after pushing 'Save' button I get all described activities, but I need to get notification about team assignment right after user sent his message. I need this functionality for team notification, that their don't keep in mind "We need to check for new messages in 9AM, 1PM, 5PM etc"

How can I automaticaly notificate support team about new created message?

My system is SOLMAN EHP1 SPS21. I've red note 1275036, but message still doesn't create automaticaly.