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For Under delivery Picking Stock to move back to same bin

Nov 23, 2016 at 09:26 AM


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Hi Experts.

I am having requirement if there is under delivery STO picking in that case the difference stock should move back to original bin location from which it has been picked.


STO = 100 EA

Delivery = 100 EA.

TO created (Picking) = 100 EA from BIN location A

TO confirm = 75 EA (BIN A = 75 EA and remaining 25 EA is posted in difference Storage type 999 ) MY requirement is to automatically in the background the diffrence stock should move back to BIN A.

Else user manually needs to transfer which is a very tedious activity.


Atul Ranjan

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Manish Kumar Nov 23, 2016 at 12:01 PM

you are not able to serve 25 EA as you don't have stock physically available so as per standard warehouse practice it should goto Difference bin and later on you should do the analysis for missing stock. Also I am not able to understand from your thread that
"Else user manually needs to transfer which is very tedious activity" since stock is not there what actually he is going to transfer and wehre as storage type is virtual and exist only in system

As far as config are concern you can do that into

IMG---LE---WM--ACTIVITIES---CONFIRMATION--Difference indicator

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Hi Manish,

Thanks I understood your concern but my client is new to SAP WM and in current business practice they can over pick or under pick based on TO qty. Though we will trained them on that but in practical situation there can be miss match between physical and system stock so I don't want the stock to be posted to Storage type 999. Rather then that stock should move back to same bin. I have selected "1" because of which its working on both Over and under delivery situation. Without any Exit I am looking to restrain them from Over delivery and when there is any difference while 641 MT type then difference stock should move back to same bin. Pl guide


7vtsz.png (17.3 kB)

share a screenshot from your customizing IMG---LE---WM--ACTIVITIES---CONFIRMATION--Difference indicator

Just blocking the confirmation is not the right way to do it as this happens after fact and does not prevent a wrong pick. Find the reason why a warehouse worker wants to pick more than he has on his TO. I doubt they do it because it is fun to see the WM consultant being helpless.

After you know the reason then we can try to find a way to stop that.


Hi Jurgen,

I understand your concern...We have explained them all the consequences and we told that its user discipline which they needs to follow as My ATP check will get impacted if there is any unwanted over delivery pick. So we are not encouraging. Yes in very rare scenario some times they may have over pick but again we don't want to encourage them for that.

Reason for putting this question was that I have selected "1" in Movement type control So that in case of under delivery picking, My delivery QTY will get updated automatically based on TO Qty. Since we are having scenario 1 STO= 1Delivery = 1 TO (With multiple line items) . But this works on both over delivery as well as under delivery and accordingly my delivery is getting updated. So we want to put restriction where over picking doesn't happen where as if there is any under delivery then Delivery is updated accordingly.

For IMG---LE---WM--ACTIVITIES---CONFIRMATION--Difference indicator This setting is working fine for me and if there is any differences stock is moving to same bin.


Atul Ranjan

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Jürgen L
Nov 24, 2016 at 08:39 PM

The exits in WM are listed here:

However, I am not convinced that this is going to help you, I personally think it leads to even more problems.

When someone confirms a TO with LT12 then the physical movement of goods is completed. So you just block to record in SAP what physically already happened. The goods are removed from the bins and put into the goods issue area 916, not seldom already physically on the lorry bed, which means you have to unload.

You force physicals movements without having an order (TO) for this activity, without recording this movement, you will never be able to tell how often it happened and will not be able to justify extraordinary actions.

And you have not yet explained what makes the warehouse worker pick more than he should. In my experience does this happen if the ordered quantities are not logical e.g. orders for 700 kg while you have 800 kg shrinked wrapped on a pallet. In that case a master data change might be more effective than programming an exit to a keep a bad status quo.

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At RA Nov 28, 2016 at 03:06 AM

Thanks Jurgen...your understanding is correct regarding over picking scenario...We had planned to use master data but previously that has been deigned for some other purpose for which we are doing analysis. Thanks for your help.

I am closing this thread.


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