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Nov 08, 2018 at 07:05 AM

Which Quota Type do I add to ISM to enable IOT Application Enablement?


The ISM tool allows me to create a Global Account with a CF Subaccount and provision services, charged to my SAP Cost Center. I've successfully provisioned HaaS (HANA Service/HANA-as-a-Service) by following the instructions provided by the HaaS Product Manager, Jeff Wooton.

I've also been able to successfully provision IoT Core through ISM by "taking a stab" and adding the "iot" Quota Type (Product ID: "iotstandard") to my Global Account. (IoT Core appears to be working nicely)

But now I'd like to provision 'IoT Application Enablement'...

The first problem I encounter is not one, but seven Quota Types/Product IDs!

Which one am I supposed to add? What's the difference between them? (I've search the Product Docs and Jam to no avail)

So first of all I added "iotae-ci", granted the entitlement to my CF Subaccount and followed the instructions for adding (OData) Roles from Role Templates, Role Collections and assigning the Role Collection to my user.

The result (after signing in to the Fiori app) was

"Close, but no cigar". No "Thing Modeler" Tile nor "Tenant Administration" Tile.

Then I unsubscribed the "iotae-ci" Product and tried it again with the "iotas_stakeholder standard" product, this time adding both OData and REST Roles to my user. Same result

Please advise.

Best regards - Paul