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Invoice Correction Request- Both the lines with G2N


I am facing a problem while using a standard invoice correction request with reference to billing document.

In the standard SAP, there should be 2 line items created one with item category G2N and one with item category L2N which we can change the quantity and price.

In my system I got both line with the same item category G2N and hence I can not perform any changes to the line item.

In the Copy Control Setting, I see source item Category TAN AND TARGET G2N AND L2N which is how it should be for Invoice correction requrest.

I see the Item category determination for RK - - G2N and RK--G2N G2N (some of the SAP documents say it is standard and no need of L2N in the determination). Still, I tried with changing L2N as well in the default with header item being G2N but no luck.

Is this a bug in standard SAP? Do we need to apply some notes? Or Is there any specific config/routine to be applied?

Request your help in this.


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2 Answers

  • Dec 06, 2009 at 07:41 PM


    As you are creating a Invoice Correction request with reference to an Invoice Document.Standard SAP explains as

    In most cases, an invoice correction request is created with the aim that a credit memo is generated. In the standard system, the invoice correction request is therefore characterized as a credit memo request, which means that the system creates a credit memo based on the invoice correction request.

    In Customizing, you can change this, so that the invoice correction request is characterized as a debit memo request. In this case, the system creates a debit memo, based on the invoice correction request. You can change these settings in Customizing under Sales  S ales Documents  Sales document header  Define sales document types in the Sales document categ. field.

    Regardless of whether the invoice correction request is a credit or debit memo, the first item is always a credit item and the second is a debit item.

    The system creates two items in the invoice correction request for each item in the Invoice:

    1)Credit Item- Credits

    2)Debit Item-Debit

    Kindly Cross check your Copy Control for your Source Billing Document type and Target Invoice Correction request.

    Confirm for the ITEM Category TAN and TARGET G2N AND L2N.

    Create the Invoice Correction request by referring an Invoice and notice the 2 items for each Billing Item.



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    Dec 07, 2009 at 06:06 AM


    Please make sure you have the following settings in Header and Item level in the Copy Control:

    ITEM LEVEL: Source --- F2 and Target --- RK and Item Category is TAN

    Copying requirements 303 Always an item

    DataT 153 Item from BillingDoc

    DataT 104 Bus Data Item Billng

    Pricing type E

    DataT 004 Bill.item partner

    X Update document flow

    2nd pricing type D

    HEADER LEVEL: Source --- F2 and Target --- RK

    DataT 052 Billing doc.header

    Copying requirements 021 Billing Header

    DataT 103 Bus Data Hdr Billing

    DataT 003 Bill.header partner


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