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Nov 07, 2018 at 10:28 PM

RSETESTD - Additional select options (note 1574016)


We are running the above report with all select options checked. The performance is really poor.

As per the note 1574016

The recommendation from ALE is always to deselect the three checkboxes under “Additional Functions” . The reason for it is that the data under “Additional Functions” is stored in different tables, like the IDoc data itself. When these fields are deselected, there is no need to check additionally at least 3-4 times more tables (like e.g. SRRELROLES, IDOCREL for the linkages, or the workflow tables).
If these tables contain a high number of data, the check / deletion can take very long, this is the reason why we always suggest to delete these data with separate reports if necessary (for the linkages there are the report RSRLDREL2 / RSRLDREL3 available).

We tried running the RSETESTD with additional functions unchecked and ran RSRLDREL2. The job ran pretty quickly. Unfortunately the workflow item (FM sww_wi_delete) did not get deleted. Is there a program that can be used to delete this relationship?