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Dec 04, 2009 at 04:54 PM

CR 10.2 Performance Problem after print / export


I hit some performance issues after exporting / printing the report. By the way, I am using Crystal Report 10.2 that comes with VS 2005 to develop my reports.

I use ReportDocument to load my reports, set database connection at runtime using ApplyLogOnInfo and VerifyDatabase. After that, report is loaded into Crystal Report Viewer. Before I export / print any of the reports, the performance is good. All the reports load between 1 - 2 seconds. However, as soon as I exports / prints a report, it takes around 10-15 seconds to load the reports. The performance slow down will continue until the application is restarted.

I've tried removing the part where setting database connection at runtime. The performance after printing / exporting is slightly better, which takes around 5-8 seconds to load the report. But, still not good enough.

I found out that ReportDocument.Load() and ReportDocument.VerifyDatabase() contributes to the slow performance. Does anybody know why or what causes the performance to slow down after printing / exporting?

ADAPT00556608 Patch ID: 38641491


A .NET application that changes database servers at runtime and exports a report will cause a memory leak.

New Behavior:

Several major memory leaks are fixed in the .NET print engine, the query engine, and the database and export libraries.

By the way, I found fix in service pack for CR XI that is quite similar to what I am experiencing. Not sure if this issue applies to CR.NET 10.2 as well...