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Dec 04, 2009 at 05:29 AM

Changing details of other portal components with click in Component-1



I have a scenario to be developed where I have a PAR project containing 9 components and corresponding 9 JSP pages plus 9 Bean files.

Now I have maintained a HeaderInfoBean & PageInitializer class which contains data to initialize details of all 9 JSPs.

An iView is made from each of these JSP and all these iViews are to be hosted on single portal Page.

Now, requirement is to change the details of other 8 components data depending on a click on Component-1.

For example,

On iView-1, user will input some details and click a button.

Now, on this button action, I need to change the data that is currently being displayed in remaining 8 iViews.

Any ideas how to implement this functionality?

Thanks and regards,

Amey Mogare