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Dec 02, 2009 at 09:16 PM

Delete old requests/data from PSA and 0CUST_SALES Master Infoobject


HI Gurus,

I appended 0CUST_SALES with a field from KNVP table. I did not delete old data in the PSA before I replicated and activated the new appended datasource. I am doing a full load to the PSA instead of delta.

I deleted all requests in the PSA giving a date criteria before we implemented SAP which means I deleted all visible PSA requests from the Manage option. However when I check the PSA table /BIC/B0000200000 it shows me data from multiple Request numbers. Even the P table of 0CUST_SALES hows 3 times the number of records than the number of records in one full load despite deleting all requests from the Manage option of 0CUST_SALES_ATTR.

I have a Customer Master report with 0CUST_SALES as one of its infoobjects and the report is showing old data that is no longer in the base KNVV table that feeds 0CUST_SALES_ATTR. For example:

Cust# SalesOrg Distr_Chan Division

ABC DE01 10 03 (as in KNVV table)

ABC CH01 40 03 (old data no longer in KNVV table)

Any suggestions on how I can delete old data in PSA and the actual P table of 0CUST_SALES_ATTR? Thank you.

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