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Former Member
Nov 23, 2016 at 06:56 AM

Transport issue with BRF+ decision tables


I am having two different CR types.

There are two seperate issues for which we have to change routing information in decision tables for these CR types.The first decision table I changed got assigned to one customizing TR.

Now when I am trying to changing routing information of other decision table for different CR type, first I am getting CSOL lock issue, trying to activate for second time, specifying different customizing TR, object getting activated, but still TR is blank.

I need to know whether decision tables for different CR types will be considered as same object , or it will different objects. As when I am checking the first customizing TR, I can see only FDT0000 and lot of objects like FDT_ADMN_0001 ,FDT_EXPR_0240

Also is there anyway to know which customizing TR, decision table is currently locked in.

and seeing the customizing TR contents , is there any way to figure out which decision table entries are there contained in that TR. All I can see is GUIDs.