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Dec 01, 2009 at 02:56 PM

Message Mapping 1:N Idoc help reqd


Hello Gurus,

I have a situation as below, (to be done in Mesg Mapping)

Input Idoc (1:1) with SegmentA (1:Unbounded) to be mapped to

Output Idoc (I:Unbounded) with SegmentA (1:1)

For each SegA of input Idoc I need an output Idoc with values of SegA in the output Idoc's SegA(1:1). both Idocs are of same type, so mapping is one to one.

The creation of multiple Idoc seems to work, but I am not getting the output, because the SegA of the output is not getting formed as expected & due to that the output is not fully created/ shown.

The problem is SegA to SegA mapping (the second occurence of input segA is not getting mapped to the second idocs segA)

segA is a deep rooted structure.

if I test with one occurence of the segA, it works perfectly fine...

please help.