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Dec 01, 2009 at 01:45 PM

Communication between WDA and ABAP Stack


Hello everyone,

we are trying to integrate an (existing) WebDynpro ABAP application in one of our (existing) ABAP applications. With ABAP application I mean a huge monitoring tool that uses several ALV grids and trees. As things are now we don't want to migrate that application into a WebDynpro . We aim to add another docking or dialogbox container to that application and start our WebDynpro within that container. Up to this we already got it working!

Now we want to double click in an ALV grid and send the selected line to the WebDynpro application (e.g. to display detail data or generate business graphics). For this purpose we wanted to use static attributes of a class or a function group to exchange the data. The problem is now as far as i understand that there are to separated LUWs responsible for each WebDynpro and our calling application on the ABAP stack. For this call we tested class CL_GUI_WDR_VIEWER and also the function module WDY_EXECUTE_IN_PLACE (which especially has a parameter INTERNALMODE, that triggers some mysterious C-Calls for SSO!), but unfortunately both approaches doesn't seem to work.

Can anyone imagine a way to beat the "WebDynpro sandbox"? Would be great if some gurus could have a look at this!

Thanks in advance and best regards,