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Dec 01, 2009 at 11:54 AM

RLB_INVOICE: invoice printing report/smartforms


Hi all

I need to modify standard report for invoice printing: my need is to override language of client and print always in a language.

I have already create a Z report ZRLB_INVOICE and substituted with standard via SPRO. I checked that now my report is called putting a breakpoint and then modified standard operating on nast-spras parameters. But it print not in language desired. Does anybody know which other paramaters need to be adjusted?

piece of code is this (line 111 of RLB_INVOICE report):

  • call smartform invoice

CALL FUNCTION lf_fm_name
                      archive_index        = toa_dara
                      archive_parameters   = arc_params
                      control_parameters   = ls_control_param
*                 mail_appl_obj        =
                      mail_recipient       = ls_recipient
                      mail_sender          = ls_sender
                      output_options       = ls_composer_param
                      user_settings        = space
                      is_bil_invoice       = ls_bil_invoice
                      is_nast              = nast
                      is_repeat            = repeat
           IMPORTING  job_output_info      = ls_job_info
*                     document_output_info =
*                     job_output_options   =
           EXCEPTIONS formatting_error     = 1
                      internal_error       = 2
                      send_error           = 3
                      user_canceled        = 4
                      OTHERS               = 5.