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plant wise handling unit no. configuration


my clint requairment is they want differant handling unit no for each plant(domestic & export) in packing.(plantwise hu no.)

if any 1 can help me to configure the packing and handling unit configuration.

Thanks and regards


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4 Answers

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    Former Member
    Dec 04, 2009 at 05:49 AM

    Hi Vishal

    yes i already assing that material group to the material master.But though it is not working.

    please help



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    • Hi,

      For General Handling Unit Configuration you can refer SAP Business Best Practices

      Handling Unit Management (G74).

      Kindly search for the G74 Handling Unit Management Configuration Guide.

      SPRO-Logistics General-Handling Unit Management-External Identification

      Click the Set unique Number Assignment for HU Identification:

      In this activity you establish that assignment of Handling unit identification is unique in this client.


      It is only possible to indicate a storage location HU Managed if you have set this indicator.

      The use of non-assigned handling units without unique number assignment is not supported.

      In particular a link from handling unit to storage unit is not possible if there is no assurance of unique number assignment.

      Maintain Number Range Objects for SSCC:

      In this activity you maintain the number range objects and their associated internal and external intervals for the generation of SSCCu2019s.

      Click the Maintain Number Range Object for SSCC

      LE_SSCC 01 000000001 599999999 0000000000

      LE_SSCC 02 600000000 999999999 0000000000 X

      Maintaining SSCC generation for each Plant/Storage Location:

      Click the Maintain SSCC Generation for Each Plant/Storage Location

      Maintain the Plant and Storage Location for the Number Range Object.

      Basic Settings:

      Maintaining HU requirements for Storage Locations and Default Values for Delivery:

      In this step, for each storage location, you maintain the handling unit requirement and the default values for creating a delivery.

      Click the HU Requirement for Storage Locations and Default Values for Deliveries.

      Select the combination of Plant/Sales Organisation/Distribution Channel/Shipping point and Division.

      Click the Storage Location tab.

      Here for the combination of Plant/St Loc/Partner St Loc/Sales Org/Dist chan/Shipping point/Division

      We have maintained the Handling Unit Requirement.

      Note:Before maintaining here the storage location stock must be cleared completely.

      Defining Packaging Material Types:

      The packaging material type combines packaging materials into groups and contains essential control features which apply to the corresponding shipping materials.

      Use Transaction Code: VHAR

      Defining Allowed Packaging Materials:

      When packing materials or handling units, the system checks whether the packaging materials for the handling unit, to which the items are to be packed, is allowed for packing.

      Define Number Ranges for Handling Units:

      When creating an Handling unit,the system assigns a clear number internally.This number is from the number range interval which you can maintain in this main function.

      Have a Nice Day.



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    Dec 03, 2009 at 10:07 AM


    If you want different number range in different plant then maintain number ranges in HUEX.

    Create packaging material type plant wise.

    Then in t code VHAR assign number ranges in field Int interval.



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    Former Member
    Dec 03, 2009 at 11:54 AM

    Hi Vishal

    Thanks for the reply.

    I completed all the configuration needed like 1.pack material type, range.etc etc.

    But when i create packing it took the old hu no.

    only if i change pallet no then only it took new no. range.i create new packing material type,and give new no range but it did not pick up.

    what i should do?


    please help me out


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    Former Member
    Dec 07, 2009 at 07:07 AM

    Hi gurus

    As you maintion above i configure all those things.but still the same problem happence.

    The handling unit took the previous no (PALLET) which we are normaly used.

    when i give new no in pallet it took but when i give new no in pallet for export system does not pick the no.

    what will i do

    please help

    thanks and regards


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