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Dec 01, 2009 at 10:33 AM

Best Trategy to reduce the Database Size


Hi Everyone,

In our Client's Landscape SAP systems have been upgraded to newer versions whereas our client want

one copy of older Production systems (one copy to retain)

1) SAP R/3 4.6 C system (database size of this system is approx 2TB)

2) SAP BW 3.0 (database size of this system is approx 2TB)

Now CLient wants us to reduce the database size via re-organization because Archiving of IDOCs & Links we have already done

Client has recommended for :

1) Oracle Export/Import: Only Oracle DBA can do (ignore this one)

2) Database Reorganization : We have tried Reoragnization via BRtools but found very tedious 9 (ignore this one)

3) SAP Export/Import : Via this way we want to reduce the database size

Can anybody Tell us How much Free space do we require in order at OS level in order to store the Database Export

of Two Databases of size around 4TB & what would be the best strategy of reducing the Dabase size.

Via SAP Export/Import how much approx how much database size will be reduced

Thanks & Regards

Deepak Gosain