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Nov 05, 2018 at 11:32 AM

Wrong status VBUP-KOSTA after LT0G with opet transfer order


For our customer we have proposed this reversal process when canceling delivery item by customer after picking to delivery is finished:

1.Warehouse manager creates open reversal transfer order via transaction LT0G

2.Warehouse worker does the physical reversal movement and confirms transfer order

But now our customer is heading a duplicity issues with two transfer orders to delivery item doubling the delivery quantity.

After step 1. the status of delivery item changes from C to A ( VBUP-KOSTA) immediately after creating open reversal transfer order.

After this step the system allows to create another transfer order to delivery item via transaction LT03 or VL06P.

There is set automatic job via transaction VL06P and that creates the second picking transfer order before the reversal TO is confirmed. So if the reversal TO is canceled for some reason, then there are two transfer orders to each delivery item and every item is picked twice.

Is this standard behavior or program error that allows creating duplicate TO for delivery item before the reversal TO is confirmed?