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Dec 01, 2009 at 08:22 AM

Transfer of Delivery Dates to Shipments


Dear Gurus,

I've read SAP Library in the shipment, there's feature for transfering of delivery dates to shipments :


The system propose shipment dates and times from the delivery.There are two methods to choose from:

1.Standard default

When this indicator is set, dates and times are copied from deliveries into the shipment. There are a few rules that apply to standard defaults. First, the loading date and time in the delivery becomes check-in time and loading start in the shipment. The delivery's planned goods-issue time becomes the loading end, shipment completion and transportation start time for the shipment. If the goods-issue date and time (loading time) is unclear in the delivery, the latest goods issue date that appears in the delivery is copied into the shipment. The delivery date and time is copied into the shipment's transportation end.

2.You can create your own copy routine to use for date and time defaults by using the flexible default option.


I don't have any clue how to use the first method.

Any gurus can help me bout this?

Thank you,