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Dec 01, 2009 at 03:49 AM

Mapping Error


Hi Experts,

In IDOC- Cidx Scenario. i am doing Graphical Msg Mapping, after mapping when i excecute the mapping in test tab

i mean testing in Graphics msg mapping itself, it shows following error

Mapping object IDOC_CDIX_MM incomplete. Unable to continue execution

Target field mapping '/OrderCreate/OrderCreateBody/OrderCreateDetails/OrderCreateProductLineItem/ScheduleDateTimeInformation' incomplete;

reason: Mapping for target field '/OrderCreate/OrderCreateBody/OrderCreateDetails/OrderCreateProductLineItem/ScheduleDateTimeInformation' incomplete

09:43:11 End of test

Main node is Order Create Details

If i expand the main node the element(Order Create Details) is in green color

if i minimize the node the element will be in red

Under the ScheduleDateTimeInformation' (min occ 1, max occ unbounded)node

We have even passed some constant value for all fields it shows above error . do we need to pass validate values.

Kindly reply me ASAP