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Nov 30, 2009 at 09:02 PM

How to display a row of information in two lines on a static form?


My requirement is to display the PO Item Data as below:

Item Level Data:

Line 1: Item number Material Quantity UoM Price

Line2: Material Description Old Material Number

0010 abc123 2 EA $10

abc material 123abc

The second line is not appaering on the form.

(I tried to display t wo rows with binding specified to the same table>data - but it is not outputting Material Description and Old Material Number).

tried something similar to

Nested tables in Adobe Forms --> saptechnical com/Tutorials/AdobeForms/Nestedtables/page1.htm

Achieving Control Levels functionality in Adobe Forms --> saptechnical com/Tutorials/AdobeForms/Controllevels/page1.htm

but did not work..