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Nov 30, 2009 at 06:49 PM

Counter issue



I am working on a report where I have 7 independent groups that are dynamic.

I am passing a currency information into each group and I need it to be shown correctly.

If a group is a country the currency looks good because there is only 1 currency per country.

When it comes to a higher level, Geographical Regions, Europe for example has multiple currencies, so I need to show 'Mixed', but it brings a first currency in the list. I wrote a Running Total formula to count a number of currencies and put it in Detail section:


shared numberVar i:=0;

if {Command.CURRENCY_CODE}<> previous({Command.CURRENCY_CODE}) then i:=i+1

else i:=i

Then in a Group Header section I have the following:

shared numberVar i

But it doesn't bring me a correct result.

Please advise.

Thank you,