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Nov 30, 2009 at 05:52 PM

Where should we maintain Compensation Eligibility % in SAP HR


I have a situation where we have a third party payroll and third party compensation. We have to maintain the Compensation eligibility % in SAP that will be send to third party Compensation Module. Manager in third party Compensation Module will then decide the actual compensation amount that will again come back to SAP.

My question is

1. Where should we maintain the eligibility % in SAP HR?

2. Where should we maintain the actual compensation % in SAP HR that Compensation module will be send it back to SAP HR?

3.Is there an infotype other then IT0014 or IT0015 for this particular case that are mentioned above?

4. Can we use IT0759 when we have a third party compensation?

Note: Mostly this % (that will come back from compensation) will be once a year or rarely can be twice or three times a year. Pay out amount can be more then elgibile percentage and there is no cap to an amount. This I believe mean that there is no need to havea link between the two wage types (Total Balance) or IT0165. Eligibility % wagetype is just a scale that is used.