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Nov 30, 2009 at 03:01 PM

Oracle-Dispatcher Connectivity Problem


Hi Everyone...

Well coming straight to the point, i have been facing a problem with my SAP startup.

Whenever i start SAP through the MMC, the dispatcher starts, but as soon as i try to login to SAP easy access, the message server shuts down immediately.

After looking into the system, i have realized that this problem arrises when message server is unable to connect to Oracle DBs. So every time in order to use SAP, first of all i have to start Oracle through CMD, i mean through DOS.

Now that you know the whole situation, my question is how do i sort this problem, so that i dont have to go to CMD to turn on my Oracle Database.

Pleaes help me with the trouble, and if you need any more information, post it here...


- Sheetal