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Nov 30, 2009 at 02:58 PM

Can CRM Load to Two BW Systems?



Can an existing CRM Source system viably concurrently load into multiple BW (NW04s) Target productive systems?

If it can, what precautions are needed to ensure viability of delta loads?

I've reviewed landscape Note 775568 and it's caveats and viability proposals but it only refers to mainly ERP source systems.

Have also reviewed CRM FAQ Note 692195.

Need to be more certain of the CRM source system side data and associated delta ETL.


One CRM source system1

CRM system1 has already 2 delta loads into BW1 target for the same DatasourceX.

Same CRM system1 also needs those same delta load values to ETL into the proposed other BW2 target productive landscape for the same DatasourceX but maybe on a different day so it receives its own delta load1.

BW1 target should also safely be able to receive delta load3 on its next delta.

Am considering of the more complex transactional CRM datasources.

Appreciate your help and input.