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Nov 30, 2009 at 12:13 PM

build WebDynpro DC using dctool fails



i'd like to build development components using dctool. This works so far for plain java components like

web services.

Building a Web Dynpro DC results in the following error message:

:dc>builddc -s vendor.com_SC_NAME_1 -n name/of/dc -v -b default -o

DC Model check:

All used DCs are available locally

ERROR: Check for used DCs failed: Used component not found: DC not found in DC syncdb.

Build failed with errors.

The software components used by the containing SC are





I listed the DCs contained in the aforementioned SCs and the missing DC ( indeed isn't there.

So my question is: What shall i do to satisfy the dangling reference? The DC builds fine in NWDS and NWDI (in fact i get the error message for any other DC of type WebDynpro). Is there a special SC that has to be referenced?

I appreciate any help!

Thank you!

PS: As to why i am doing this: I'd like to apply Checkstyle, PMD, Findbugs, JUnit and JavaDoc to generate documentation and reports regarding code problems/quality on our DCs and so need to generate the source code for our WebDynpro components.