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Nov 30, 2009 at 07:07 AM

Dynamic Action



Need your expert advice on the below. I'm working on a scenario to default values to infotype records inside a loop.

Ex: Need to default value in IT0008 current record and all the past records. Say if there are 5 past records for an employee, I need to default value for all the 5 past records. Since the number of records varies employee to employee i'm in situation to use a loop.

I have created the loop in an External Routine but was not able to default values from external routine directly in Infotype without coming back to Dynamic Action.

Could you please suggest me on if there is a way to create a loop directly in Dynamic Action or if there is a way to default values in Infotype directly from External Routine.

Hope i'm clear, let me know for more information.



Sairam Maharaj S