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Nov 30, 2009 at 04:31 AM




I have followed the steps to link PRT with production order confirmation.

But after confirmation of production order, system is not automatically creates measurement document. Kindly help me out.

Created Equipment with category as "P" for PRT (production resource tool).check whether that category exists or if that category doesnu2019t exits you need to create an equipment category in SPRO.

Following the SPRO Path and do configuration to get the PRT data tab and serial data tab.

Plant Maintenance and Customer Service Master Data in Plant Maintenance and Customer Service Technical Objects Equipment Equipment Categories

1.Maintain Equipment Category -here you will define a new category

2.Define Additional Business Views for Equipment Categories--here you will define for that category whether PRT tab and serial tab is required

3.Define Number Ranges---number ranges for each category.

Follow the process to do PRT confirmation in order

1.Craete an equipment with category P(PRT)

2.Create characteristics with UOM similar to the unit of production confirmation unit

3.Creating Measuring points and counter for the equipment

4.Create one measurement document with minimum reading to activate it(with 1as reading)

5.Creating a Maintenance Task List

6.Creating a Maintenance Plan

7.Attaching a Maintenance plan and measurement point to PRT Equipment.(here in equip[ment usage formula for PRT SAPF02 should be given)

8.Change Routing and assign PRT Equipment to Operation

9.Create Production order(Transaction Code:CO01)

10.Confirmation of Production Order(Transaction Code:CO15)

11.Check the measurement document list using IK17

you can the details of the PRT confirmed against the measuring point

System is not automatically creating a measuring document which in turn creates a maintenance order based on maintenance Plan.