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Former Member
Nov 30, 2009 at 04:27 AM

MultiProvide Performance Issue (infoobject + cube)



I have a multiprovider consists of 1 infoobject (objectA) and 1 cube (cubeA). I created a query from this multiprovider, it contains 1 key figure from objectA and 36 key figures from cubeA (drill across by fixed period). However, the performance is very bad and I realized that it is due to the key figure from the infoobject after few hours of checking. If I include the selection, the query runs more than 3 hours and terminated due to runtime error, but the query runs successfully (completed within 15mins) if I removed the selection. The selection are:

Infoprovide: objectA

Key Figure: 1ROWCOUNT

I also tried to create a query based on objectA only, there is no performance issue. Any idea what could be cause?