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Former Member
Nov 30, 2009 at 12:54 AM

2LIS_02_SCL getting the order of changes wrong?


Hi all,

I've been looking into an issue with the Purchasing line item data I am getting. I've been struggling to find out why a PO isn't being shown as deleted. What i've found in R/3 is when a PO is deleted, it gets the delivery completed flag set. Then the line item gets flagged as deleted. I can look at the item changes and the deletions is definitely the last change that happens to the line item.

What i've seen in BW after the extraction process (in my DW layer) is the Deletion is coming through (ROCANCEL of 'R') and then the delivery completed flag is coming through. Because the deletion is first and then the compl_del is second, it means when this moves onto a secondary DSO it basically resurrects this PO.

The DW layer is a straight mapping from the datasource (2lis_02_scl), so nothing is getting "sorted" or anything.

Any ideas?