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Nov 29, 2009 at 07:12 PM



Hi ,

I have runned the PFAL transaction using the MESSAGE TYPE ZHRMD_TEST. But now i want to run the PFAL with REDUCED MESSAGE TYPE ZHRMD_MESS_RED. But unfortunatley, In PFAL, the field MESSAGE TYPE is DISABLED, means not taking any input values.

So to clear the MESSAGE TYPE in PFAL, I tried some ways, but not worked at all. They are

1. I just logged off and turned ON, and

2 In WE81 , I deleted the ZHRMD_TEST message type.

but now still the PFAL contains the ZHRMD_test and it is not cleared.

So my friends suggested me to find the PARAMETER ID for the MESSAGE TYPE FIELD in PFAL and clear the SAP Memory using

Parameter ID.

I found the Parmeter ID, but dont know how to clear SAP Memory.

Can any one please tell me, how to clear the MESSAGE TYPE FIELDin PFAL tcode, so that I can enter Reduced Message Type .

I am waiting for your help.

Thanking You.