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Nov 29, 2009 at 10:33 AM

Comparision BMC Control-M to Redwood CPS



We are in process of migrating a production system which currently using Control-M. Looking for a job scheduling tool which can cater to our heavy batch load. With regards to this had following questions,

1. Does the REDWOOD CPS have similar cpabilities compared to that of Control-M, in terms of large number of batch scheduling jobs.

2. Does the REDWOOD CPS capable to handle batch flows in sequence.

3. Does the REDWOOD CPS have alerting mechanisms set in case of job failure. Control-M has the ability to alert ITO through the tools such as HP Openview.

4. Does REDWOOD CPS have calenders, similar to that of Control-M, and lastly

5. Do we need to purcase additional licenses for REDWOOD CPS.

Thanks and Appreciate your help