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Nov 28, 2009 at 02:22 AM

LQ02 - Bdc recording


Hi SAP Guru's,

1. BDC recording was done for LQ02 in R/3 4.7, to select a line item & click POST CHANGE button, it uses ALV LIST DISPLAY, to output , in which a check box is selected in recording & POST CHANGE button is clicked.

2. The same recording fails in ECC6, here recording to select checkbox in ALV list is not working, so error while clicking POST CHANGE button. ( Here checkbox icon used in ALV List looks different than in R/3 4.7 )..

I understand BDC for ALV will not work, but how come it works in 4.7 & not in ECC6

Is there any solutions for this, any commets ????

Thanks in advance.