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Nov 27, 2009 at 06:46 PM

Complex Transport Routes - possible for PI Transports?



We are having issues setting up Integration Directory transports that will correctly change the Business System name from development into QA or Production names under certain scenarios.

We are on PI 7.11, and using CTS+ for PI Transports and a 7.0 SLD.

We have our Business Systems setup correctly in the SLD, we have our Business System Groups setup correctly in the SLD, but we cannot setup Transport Targets for certain scenarios as the SLD will not let us.

For example, this is our transport route in the ECC6 landscape (simple version to illustrate my problem):

DEV1001 goes to these 3 systems at the same time: >


QA1001 --- PRD1001


QA2001 --- PRD2001


QA3001 --- PRD3001

So, in the ERP environment, our ECC6 DEV system, client 001, is the global code/config base for all ECC6 systems world wide. When we transport ERP code from DEV001 - it will take 3 separate routes, one to the QA1 system, client 001, also to the QA2 system, client 001, and also to the QA3 system, client 001. Same thing for Production.

Although this is perfectly fine when setting up ABAP object transport routes in the ERP system, I cannot see anyway to set this up for PI with regards to transporting objects with the Business System names in them. As the 3 QA Business Systems and the 3 Prod Business Systems only have ONE source Dev Business System the SLD "simple" Transport Targets configuration will not allow this setup. It works fine for DEV1001 -> QA1001 1> PRD1001, but not the 2nd and 3rd QA/Prod systems as we cannot specify them as extra transport targets, plus we'd need the Integration Directory objects (Comms Component, Receiver Determination etc etc) to automatically be created 2 more times (doubt PI is that smart).

We cannot create an extra Transport Target for the Dev Business System, because you can only choose one Target per Business System Group. And we cannot create 3 Business System Groups for QA and 3 for Prod, because there can only be one Business System Group per Integration Server.

We are thinking we may have to create "dummy" Business Systems in Development to try and get around this so there is a 1:1 match between DEV/QA/PROD, but then we will have a pile of junk in DEV that is invalid and this will get very messy, if it even works.

Anyone got a better idea?


Brendan Farthing