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Nov 27, 2009 at 05:33 PM

Change u201CDefault for baseline dateu201D programming. Have you ever do it?


Hello colleagues,

I want to pay to my vendors with the u201CBase line dateu201D equal to the entry date of the treated document.

For this reason I set several payment-terms with u201CDefault for baseline dateu201D = u201CEntry dateu201D.

This ran perfectly in FI transactions (fb01, fb05, ...), but the result was wrong with MIRO. I posted a Note to SAP and I was replied with the typical u201CThis is the standard behavior and you would need consulting service for your need.u201D

Then I decided to change the u201CDefault for baseline dateu201D to u201CNo defaultu201D in these payment-terms, in order to set the value I want with programming. But I have a lot of problems because apparently there isnu2019t a unique point to change in order to get the desired behavior. There are a lot, and in each t-code the called function is different. Have you faced up to a similar case? How did you solve it?

Thanks in advance.