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Nov 27, 2009 at 03:14 PM

Change in utility consumption


Hi Experts,

In my formula definition i have defined the utility consumption in the recipe to vary with the order quantity (multiplying standard value with the factor operation qty/header qty). In my BOM for 100kg FG i have put steam requirement as 2kg. When i make an order for 200 kg FG accordingly in the COR6N screen the steam quantity to be confirmed is proposed as 4 kg.

Now i have introduced MQC in my scenario and as per component batch characteristics the order header quantity is changed to 220 kg from 200 kg. But in COR6N screen system is still proposing for system the earlier quantity of 4 kg instead of 4.4 kg. Also the yield quantity is not changed to 220 kg in COR6N screen and continues to remain as 200kg. Please suggest how to proceed to address this problem.