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Nov 27, 2009 at 11:49 AM

solman_setup and central&local solution manager SLD



I'm configuring our solution mananger system with transaction solman_setup. The local SLD of the solution manager will also be the central SLD of all our systems. After finishg the basic configuration in solman_setup, and go to "managed system configuration", I can only see the only solution manager system, as ABAP and as JAVA, but no more systems (right, as I haven't defined more systems).

I cannot create more ABAP system with the link "maintain technical systems", the ABAP option when I select create isn't there.

If I create another type of system as a test, for example, third party, the transaction SMSY can see this new system, but the SLD in http://<my_solution_manager_system>:50000/sld doesn't show this new system at all.

Where must I create the systems? and how can I connect the SLD and the SMSY transaction? Should I "add SLD" at the Administration in http://<my_solution_manager_system>:50000/sld and put the suolution manager itsefl system?

Thanks in advance for your help and best regards,