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Nov 27, 2009 at 11:00 AM

TLB ignoring Loading Group



I am running TLB for products which have different loading group ( Loading group is maintained in Location Product under GR/GI Tab). I am using Straight Loading for TLB run. My understanding of TLB and loading group in straight loading imethod is system will not club products with different loading group into one TLB order.However after TLB run i see that system has created TLB orders which has multiple products ( i.e different loading group products are clubbed in one TLB order).

For example let us assume that we have products A, B and C. Product A has loading Group 1, B has loading group 2 and C has loading Group 3. After TLB run , i see product A and B in one TLB order, which should not be the case i feel.

Is my understanding of TLB and loading group correct? Any inputs on the above issue will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance !!