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Nov 27, 2009 at 05:14 AM

Message no. AK005 - Asset is investment measure, transaction type not allow


Hi All,


Internal Order as Investment Measure:

I searched the Forum and got some input.., but in that I have a clarification. Please see my doubt and the forum input.

Can you explain me Step 10. Settle the amounts to Main Asset from AuC(Prcg type: Full) - KO88 once again.

How we can give the Receiver Main Asset master in KO88. In KO88 we can only provide the Internal Order. But that Internal Order is already settled to AuC in Step 8.

Please guide me.




Are you doing any settlement using the AUC asset!

Normal practice is to Create an Auc Asset and settle cost to Auc. Once the asset is ready for use, finally settle the Auc to final asset.

This can be done in two ways like - Investment measure.

Below are steps in two scenarios :

Internal Order as Investment Measure:

1. Define the AuC Asset Class (with investment measure) - OAOA

2. Define the Asset Class u2013 for Main Asset - OAOA

3. Define Investment Profile - OITA

a. Assign the AuC Asset Class (Step-1) in the investment profile

4. Assign Investment Profile to Model Order - OITA

5. Define Order Type (Investment) - KOT2

a. Settlement Profile - OKO7

b. Maintain Allocation Structures - OKO6

c. Planning Profile - OKOS

d. Budget Profile - OKOB

6. Create an Internal Order - KO01

a. With the Investment Profile (Step-2)

b. AuC automatically created by the system using Asset Class given in the Investment Profile

7. Post the amounts to IO - FB01

8. Settle the amounts to AuC from IO (Prcg type: Automatic) - KO88

9. Create the Main Asset - AS01

10. Settle the amounts to Main Asset from AuC(Prcg type: Full) - KO88