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Nov 26, 2009 at 08:56 PM

Pretty Printer ONLY for selected lines in ABAP editor?



I have done SETTINGS(Menu----Utilities) in PRETTY PRINTER in my ABAP editor that, all KEY WORDS shuld b in UPPER CASE.

Say, I hv written code(in raw format, not yet pressed the PRETTY PRITER) like below,

ABAP Code Line_1

ABAP Code Line_2

ABAP Code Line_3

ABAP Code Line_4

ABAP Code Line_5

I want to hv pretty printer format for Line 3 and Line 5 ONLY!! I do not want to hv it for other lines, so, I high lighted(selected) those lines (3 and 5) and pressed pretty printer, but, am getting the pretty printer format for all the rest of the code as a single shot!!

So, pls. let me know that, How I can get the pretty printer format ONLY for the lines, for which I wished(selected by high lighting)?

And also let me know, How Can I do automatic(not manually) indentation for my code as a part of pretty printer? Actually, I tried but, am not getting even though I checled the check box intendation in SETTINGS!!

Thank you