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Nov 26, 2009 at 08:21 PM

import from memory ... export to memory ... batch problem


Hi All!

I've an abap with three-step-work.

In first step local files will be loaded into internal tables.

In the second step these table contents will be changed and enriched from sap tables.

In the third step these content will be saved local again.

'Cause the program runs a long time we can't use it any longer as a dialogue app and have to run it as a background task.

So i divided the program.

1. Load the local data and do a "export itab to memory id 'abc...'.

2. After this i start the program again as a background task.

Getting the data via "import itab from memory id 'abc...', do the work in sap and do a "export itab to memory id 'abc...'.

3. Now there's the last start for the program.

Getting the data via "import itab from memory id 'abc...' and save the data local.

When i'm doing the second step in dialogue then all works fine.

When i start the second step as background task after the import i've got sy-subrc=4... and i don't know why?

Perhaps here's anyone who can help?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Cheers, Ingo