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Nov 26, 2009 at 05:00 PM

Parent-Child Billing and Invoice Presentment


Hello gurus,

Have a question around parent-child billing where the business scenario is that a global HQ represents the single bill-to for multiple ship-to locations across the world. The idea is that the Global HQ receives a single invoice for multiple children and ideally a summary page detail as well as the specific invoice for that child.

In terms of splitting the billing documents I suppose there are 2 routes:

1) Standard splitting of billing documents (controlled via Copy Control) so that each distinct Ship-To generates its own billing document. Then the billing documents would need to be grouped together somehow for sending to the single Bill-To - not sure how that grouping could occur after the Billing Documents are generated?

2) Break the splitting of billing documents by Ship-To so that a single billing document is created for all ship-to's for a single bill-to.

Any help on this or whether one of these is the correct approach? The issue is complicated further by the fact that we would like to product a summary page for the global bill-to stating the summary values of all sold-to by country. We have considered using a heavily customised print program tool to add up the ship-to figures for display on an invoice but not sure if SAP can create this 'grouped summary calculation' itself?

Apologies for the long windedness - any help much appreciated!