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Nov 26, 2009 at 01:04 PM

Creation of Relation to new Simple object


Hi, i need help.

I created a new Simple object f.e. ZSO with guid as key ,

made an entry in tables CRMC_ORLALL_BTIL (1:1 relation bw. BTAdminH and new object),

CRMC_OBJ_BTIL_C (Handler class for new Object: ZL_ZSO )

and created class ZL_ZSO_RUN_BTIL as child of CL_CRM_RUNTIME_BTIL.

Then i created a new context node for my object in an view and connected it to Header Node in 'on_new_focus' method.

I can set properties of new object in WEBUI,

but i dont understand, how to save my changes.

I wont to save relation data in own table with 3 fields ( client, header guid of servicecontract and guid of my own object )