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Former Member
Nov 26, 2009 at 11:38 AM

2 quick questions- New GL


Hello friends,

Just wanted to check quickly with you on the following 2 points with respect to New General ledger of ECC 6.0.

ℹ️ is it possible to use the classic General ledger with ECC 6.0. The context for asking this is though the client is implementing SAP ECC 6.0 but they donot have the requirement of document splitting or reporting as per various difrferent accounting principles or maintaining parallel ledgers. they have a requirement for Profit centre reporting which I think can be made through PCA implementation. if the use of classic GL is permitted how to get that activated in the SPRO menu because as of now I see new GL activated...

(ii) Can we use coding block for additional account assignment purpose in FI module of ECC 6.0 (new GL)?

Hope to hear from you soon.